3 for 3: Top 3 Reasons why Ken Griffey Missed Unanimous Hall of Fame Election by 3 Votes

griffeyRCIf you were following baseball the last 24 hours, you would have noticed that Ken Griffey Jr. got into the MLB Hall of Fame along with Mike Piazza. Not only that, but Griffey eclipsed Tom Seaver’s voting percentage record by getting in with 99.3% of votes. He missed unanimous election by only three votes (437 out of 440). Question is, why did three people even leave him out?

Here are three possible reasons.

  1. Injuries Mid-Career

    Before the age of 30, Ken looked unstoppable and was projected to break Hank Aaron’s home run record. Unfortunately, injuries caught up to him when he was on the Cincinnati Reds and he ended up with 630 homers – still very impressive. Some might have held that against him.

  2. No World Series

    Some baseball purists still feel that without a World Series, the player’s career is imperfect. This however depends on the team performance including the Manager. Still, one can never talk sense into some people.

  3. He’s Black

    Yup, I said it. Even in 2016 there are racists out there that won’t do anything for someone because of the color of his skin. Some things sadly never change.