Top 10 Gay Cartoon Characters

37738858_625ecbb8f5_oIt is true that cartoons are only fantasies or parodies, but most of the time they represent the life on Earth, just as it is. Sometimes, people imagine other worlds through cartoons, but they are all inspired from our lives. That is why, even if you didn’t know, there are some cartoon characters that are gay. It looks like the Western cartoons are quite open to homosexuality, and more and more characters are gay.

Are you curious who are we talking about? Here are 10 gay cartoon characters you didn’t even know they are gay:

10. Richie from Static Shock

In the Static Shock comic, the main hero, Richie is gay. Yes, it sounds unbelievable, but it is true. However, in the WB show for kids, the sexuality of Richie is tuned down. It is a common practice when you adapt a comic book into a cartoon or anime. The thing is that most of the comic book fans know the truth anyway.

9. Eugene from Hey Arnold

Hey Arnold is a very funny and nice cartoon, but it actually has two gay characters. Not only Eugene admitted to be gay, but also Mr. Simmons. The creators of Hey Arnold actually have openly stated that the two guys are gay. Eugene is the playground friend of Arnold, and almost in every scene you can see he is homosexual. He is not hiding it, the contrary. The creators of the cartoon are suggesting it as often as they can. Do you remember the musical episode?

8. Isaac Kitching from Samurai Champloo

Most probably you didn’t expect a guy like Isaac Kitching from Samurai Champloo to be gay, but it looks the creators had another opinion. The big, strong fighter named Isaac Kitching, from the super cool and very popular anime Samurai Champloo is a very open, friendly gay man! And he is not hiding it at all. Even more, he often makes jokes about it, and he has no shame to talk about it.

7. Ren & Stimpy

Ren & Stimpy is anyway one of the weirdest cartoons we ever seen. On the other hand, if you didn’t watch it, you will be surprised about how open and accepting it is. The creators of the cartoons have widely said that the main characters, Ren and Stimpy, ae both gay, and actually they are a cross-species couple. Fans know it, and they also seem to like it. What do you think?

6. Lexington from Gargoyles

Even if Disney doesn’t allow exploring the homosexuality in its cartoons, the creators of the Gargoyles show admitted that the small, savvy gargoyle named Lexington was a gay character from the beginning. They still consider it a homosexual character. OK, we could consider his very close relationship with Brooklyn just a friendship, but it is actually obvious there is something deeper between these two.

5. Sailor Venus and Sailor Uranus from Sailor Moon

Did you watch the Japanese version of this popular show? If you didn’t, you should, because it is very cool. Sailor Venus and Sailor Uranus are a lesbian couple, and they show it openly. They do not hide at all. Instead, they can be considered a family, since they raise a kid together. Unfortunately, in the Western version of Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus and Sailor Uranus are presented as cousins, and there is nothing special between them.

4. The Brain and Monsieur Mallah from Teen Titans

The Brain – if you don’t know Teen Titans, there is a talking brain in a jar, called The Brain – and Monsieur Mallah from the DC comics are a gay couple. They homosexual relationship is openly presented in the comic book. In the cartoon, they are shown together, but there is no clue about their sexuality.

3. Stewie from Family Guy

If you are a fan of family guy, probably you have noticed how the producers like to play with Stewie’s sexuality. The jokes about Stewie and his sexuality are not getting old. He is definitely bisexual, and the real question is if he is homosexual. The youngest child of Griffin is funny and open, and he has no problem to make fun of himself.

2. Waylon Smithers from The Simpsons

We are sure The Simpsons has a lot of fans, and they love Waylon as he is. Just like in the Family Guy, the sexuality of Waylon is the reason of many good jokes. In the last seasons, as the show has progressed, the sexuality of Waylon is more openly presented, and the character seems to be in perfect harmony with himself. He even accepts the love he has for Mr. Burns, his employer.

1. Velma from Scooby Doo

Velma, the brain of the Scooby team, is not officially gay. But the show never showed her as being straight, and since her character is based on a gay child-actress, Sheila Kuehl, it is fine to assume she is a lesbian. However, in a later version of the cartoon, she hooks up with Shaggy.