Best Buy, Rogers and the iPhone 5 on Boxing Day – Part 2 – Twitter

RogersEarlier I posted about my experience with Best Buy, Rogers, and an iPhone 5 that was advertised for much lower than if I had gotten it straight at Rogers. Since that happened, I took the matter to Twitter and tweeted to both Rogers (@RogersHelps) and Best Buy’s (@BBYCanada) support accounts, and first and foremost, was pleasantly surprised at the response time. I certainly got much farther with Twitter than if I spent time on the phone reaching all the wrong departments!

When Rogers heard about my issue, they could have said to either return the phone back to BestBuy as a buyers’ remorse within the return period. I wasn’t prepared to to that as I would have had to spend a significant amount more time in downloading/reprogramming everything again. They could have also said to deal with BestBuy since they were at fault for false advertising. Instead, they were kind enough to provide me with 1,000 long-distance minutes ($100 value) for free, simply on the merit of my continued patronage. It’s not $180, but it’s something, and definitely something I plan on utilizing shortly.

bestbuy-logoWith Best Buy, support contacted me after New Years’ by email and, after requesting and receiving details of my communication to Rogers and my previous blog post, had the mobile manager that gave me the (mis?)information to call me up. He explained that of course, Rogers wouldn’t know about the “Bill Credit.” From their end, they supply re-sellers like BestBuy with specific coupon codes and leave BestBuy with full control to determine what kinds of discounts are to be applied when Rogers punches in the code. The special code that was supplied when I bought the phone will (hopefully) issue me a Bill Credit of $180 within the first 3 months, and if it doesn’t, stop by the BestBuy branch and they will see what they can do. The rep also explained that they have done this with numerous phones in the past without a problem.

As the saying goes, I’ll believe it when I see it. I hope that what Best Buy says is true. We’ll see the outcome and I will try to post an update between now and 3 months.