Reverse the Bag Ban – Can Paper Bags Do This?

Since Toronto won’t have a plastic bag much longer, can one really imagine how to replace it with paper bags? We really need to have this bag ban reversed.

Take waste-baskets for example. Can one begin to think how plastic bags can be replaced? Think of the “garbage liquid” that will need to be cleaned up if paper bags are used, especially when they tear easily. One will need to use GLAD bags instead, which cost more $$$ money $$$! As an aside I wonder if the garbage bag companies are getting kickbacks as a result of this impending bag ban.

Also, with cars, I find that if one brings in a drink or snack, the wrapper/bottle/cup will need to be thrown away. What we do is place a plastic bag handle in between the glove compartment door and the dashboard. We use this to throw out these things. The alternatives would be to a) litter our car until we “get to it,” b) to throw the garbage out the window, which leads to illegal litter issues, c) use a paper bag instead which of course will tear and drip, or d) pay $$$ money $$$ to buy GLAD garbage bags, which are also bulky for car use.

Don’t get mad, get glad! Garbage bags that is! 🙂 Reverse the bag ban today!