Scared Parent in Light of Leiby Kletzky Case

Recently, an 8 year old boy named Leiby Kletzky lost his way home, met up with the wrong person, was abducted and eventually was killed in a most heinous manner – being drugged with different substances and having his feet chopped off. Not only that, but the killer himself was Shomer Shabbos. It’s enough to make the blood curl.

Since then, I as well as every parent have been overprotective and appreciative of our children. Recently, my 3 year old daughter in camp just went to the parent of another kid and was telling this adult her whole life story. My wife explained to her that she should never talk to strangers. Supposedly, this is not the only case. A similar incident occurred with the child of a relative of mine in Brooklyn, and stories of children being given that extra measure of protection are now more widespread.

What can I say? Since seeing what someone who “looks” innocent is capable of doing, I just don’t trust too many people anymore.