Stevens Institute of Technology – 3 Cs and you're out concept

As a graduate student of Stevens Institute of Technology, I work hard like everyone else to get my degree. However, it’s been rare when I’ve received A’s on almost every class I’ve taken on a given semester. Therefore, when I was told of a rumor where if you get 3 Cs in their Masters program, you get thrown out of school, I decided to investigate. Here’s how it went:

My Email to Stevens

My name is Rafael Hecht and I currently am enrolled at the Howe campus as a Graduate student. It’s recently came to my attention that if a student gets 3 Cs in the program, something bad happens to him. While I have been a solid A-B student overall, I received 1 C thus far and, in addition to not doing “the best” this semester, realize that after this semester I still have 3 classes to take to get my Masters.

Bottom line, what happens in the event that I get 3 Cs at the program I’m enrolled in? Thank you.

Best Regards,

Rafi Hecht

My Response Back


If you receive 3 Cs, Stevens reserves the right to review your transcripts. If this is the case, your transcripts are sent to the department and you may be put on academic probation. You would be put on probation for a semester before you were dismissed, and even if you were put on probation, it doesn’t m[e]an instant dis(s)missal. The department reviews any student who is potentially up for dis(s)missal. You needn’t worry yet!


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Associate Registrar