Top 10 Snow Pics and Videos From the 2016 New York Blizzard That Are Actually Funny

  1. T-Rex shovelling snow

2. Somebody had wayyy too much fun with his car…


3. Watch out for the lizards…


lizzard warning

4. Cute meme that is all too true


5. Clearing snow off a car like a boss

6. Two guys being awesome.

Cop: Someone complained about you, so we are gonna act like we’re talking to you alright? Response: You guys are awesome.


7. Make sure all vehicles have their windows shut. (H/T: Yosef Itzkowitz)

940802_10153240210281956_5701082606245207549_n 12439216_10153240210196956_6640041083846841000_n

8. Okay, this is an old one, but still funnysnowman-hitchhiking-florida

9. Igloos for sale!


10. Post yours in the comments below…