Top 10 “Back to the Future” Inventions/Predictions That Actually Came True in 2015

1. TV Video phones/Video Conferencing

bttf2-video-phoneThis was one of the most obvious – and spookiest. With Skype having been around for a number of years now, this was dead accurate.

2. Handless/Wireless Video Games


With devices like the XBOX Kinect this has been possible for the last few years now.

3. Our Obsession with 3D Movies and Sequels

bttf2-jaws3dThis was accurate as people still want sequels, and some 3D movies are IMAX, which require 3D glasses and generally cost more to watch than the traditional 2D video.

4. Handheld Tablet Computers

clocktower-tabletRemember the guy in 2015 telling Marty to donate money, shortly before the Miami team beat the Cubs? He was holding an electronic tablet. Genius!

5. A Baseball Team in Florida

bttf-miami-baseballSpeaking about point #4, there are now two teams in Florida, one of which is in Miami (the Marlins). Since Miami is host to a National League team and the Cubs are also in the National League, it’s technically impossible for the Cubs to meet them in the World Series. Still, it’s dead close as in 1985 it was a laughable idea to have a baseball team in Florida, let alone two.

6. Wall-Mounted Widescreen Televisions

Back-to-the-FutureIn those days all TVs had Cathode-Ray Tubes (CRTs) which naturally made TVs bulky. Most people at the time couldn’t conceptualize having a flat-screen TV, let alone one that could be mounted to a wall.

7. Auto Lacing Sneakers

Nike_Power_LacesNike is releasing a limited edition version of Marty’s Hyperdunks, inspired by the shoes he wore in the film. And though they don’t auto lace or anything, that’s still pretty sweet.

8. Being Consumed with Personal Electronics

This was nuts because it’s true. Everything in the McFly home and Cafe ’80s was electronics generated. Today is not much different.

9. Google Glass

movie-headgearRemember the device that Marty Jr. was wearing? Yeah.

10. Multiple Channels

Multiple cable providers allow you to watch multiple channels at once, in various arrays. This is mostly great for sports, but can be used for anything.

11. Performance Enhancers Being a Major Problem in Sports

bttf2-paperCheck out the left sidebar of the newspaper on the right, it says that a pitcher has been suspended for using “bionic arm.” Now, surely no one in Major League Baseball has gone that far yet, but performance enhancers (of any kind) being accurately predicted as a problem that lands on the front page is pretty spot-on.


12. Flying Cars


Flying Cars aren’t in mass production, but they are being developed as we speak.


13. Hoverboards

Believe it or not – it’s already out there. Tony Hawk has already tested a prototype called the Hondo. It requires metal at the bottom for a reverse magnetic effect, but it’s a start.