Top 10 Ways to Reuse an Old T-Shirt

When their time to be removed from the closet comes, do not just throw them into the trash. You may have old shirts laying around in the drawers and closets which have not been used for quite a time now and were just collecting dust. Turn them into something crafty and creative and most importantly, useful. Here are amazing top 10 ways to reuse an old t-shirt.


tshirt-braceletOld colorful shirts and faded bangles may have no more use but you can turn them into crafty bracelets and give to friends or even sell them. Cut t-shirt into ½ to 1 inch wide strips. Loosely tie one end of the shirt strip to the bangle and start wrapping the fabric around it. Make it tight so you will have a neat finished product. When you reach the other end of the fabric, tie both ends together. Make double knots and position the knots inside the bracelet. Cut the loose ends with a scissor. You can also use a glue gun to secure the ends of your fabric.

Laptop Case

tshirt-laptop-caseLaptops are one of your buddies in getting those reports, thesis and school projects done. You can do your research, connect with friends, make your thesis paper, edit your photos and play games with your laptop. It is just but important to take care of your laptop so that you will have longer years of using it. Keep it covered when not in use or when you bring out by making a t-shirt laptop case. Fold the shirt in half, wrong sides in, stitch up the sides to fit snuggly on your laptop and flip back. You can also stitch in your name to make it more personalized.

Grocery Bag

tshirt-grocery-bagPlastic bags are banned in other cities because of the amount of waste it adds to the landfills and the harm it can do to the environment. Start your own green living by doing your own little ways to limit plastic bags in the waste receptacles. Make your own grocery bag using old t-shirts. Turn a shirt inside out and make a pattern to the design of the bag that you like. Sew all the way around but leave some for


tshirt-scarfScarves are great for fashion or to keep you warm during cold winter months. Scarves from the department stores are quite expensive. Find plenty of old t-shirts that are no longer used and turn them into a fashionable scarf. Cut the shirts into 9X12 rectangles. You can use monochromatic shades or go wild with colorful prints and patterns. Make as many rectangles as you can, depending on how long you want your scarf to be. Sew the rectangles together on each end. Your scarf is now ready to wear to the mall or to school.


tshirt-pillowPillows that are soft and cuddly are nice to relax on. Avoid buying expensive pillows from the store because making them yourself is very easy. Simply get an old t-shirt, trim off the sleeves to the bottom hem. Stitch it up inside out, leaving a tiny bit of space for flipping and stuffing. Flip it inside out, stuff with fiberfill and whatever you like, close the seam and fluff it up. Your brand new pillow is now ready to sleep on.


tshirt-quiltQuilts are beautiful keepsakes of tiny pieces of cloth from memorable stages in your life. Your grandma may have made you one. Why not make your own quilt? Your collection of old t-shirts can be made into a beautiful piece of handicraft that is filled with memories. Cut shirts into squares, form a nice pattern and sew it up. There you have it.

Car Seat Cover

tshirt-car-seat-coverOld shirts are ideal to use as a car seat cover. People commonly use their old Basketball jerseys as a car seat cover. There are also some people who cannot give up their favorite T-shirts; and instead of throwing it away, they use it as a car seat cover. Old T-shirts will be a perfect car seat cover especially if the shirts you use are cotton because this kind of T-shirt will make you very cozy on any vehicle that has a cool air conditioning system.

Dog Toy

tshirt-as-dog-toyMake your old T- shirts into a dog toy that they could use to bite since dogs especially on their puppy years love to bite things. This habit is very normal for dogs because their teeth are still in the process of growing and they will feel a tingling sensation in their gums which will only be satisfied when they will bite something. Instead of buying dog toys that will cost you money, knitting your old T shirts and making a dog toy out of it will let you save more money. You can also make money out of it by selling those extra dog toys that you made.

Rags, Floor Mop, and Floor Mat

tshirt-as-ragOld shirts are good to use as a rag since its fabric can eliminate and wipe off dirt completely. Some people will cut out parts of their old shirts and make it into a floor mop while others will knit in together in order to make it as a floor mat. This will allow you to save more money since you don’t need to by these kinds of household cleaning materials anymore. However, it is not easy to clean these shirts once you decide to re-use it.

Pajama Pants

Instead of buying a new set of Pajama pants, you can make use of your old T-shirts and knit it together to make pajamas out of it. There are many companies uses this kind of technique base on “the save the earth propaganda”. What’s good about doing this at your home is that you can save hundreds of dollars since you do not need to but new set of pajamas for a very long time.

When the planet is suffering from too much wastes and garbage, there is always a way to stop it. While you cannot completely stop it, limiting your wastes goes a long way. Recycle, reuse and reduce.Recycle old t-shirts into something reusable like pillows and scarfs, so you help reduce the damages that Mother Earth is experiencing today.