Top 10 Surprising Uses for Safety Pins

Safety pins were invented years ago to keep things together. These tiny pins are lifesavers in several ways. Get your crafty side out, your creativity and your genius minds, and discover one these top 10 surprising uses for safety pins.


Keep Thieves Away

Busy streets filled with busy people are favorite hangouts for pickpockets and snatchers. They will try to get just almost anything they can get within a snap. Keep you and your belongings safe from thieves by pinning your zippers to your backpacks or bags using a safety pin. In case of really persistent pickpockets, they will have a hard time digging into your belongings and you have plenty of time to catch them and bring them to the police.

Keep Gloves and Socks in Pairs

Your pile of laundry may look like Mount Everest and you spent the whole day washing, drying and pressing your clothes. Make sure not to go crazy the next time you try to wear your favorite of socks and lose the other pair. It is one of the most frustrating days of human life – finding the other pair amidst piles and stocks of clothes and you are in a hurry. Never go through this again. Keep pairs together using safety pin.

Clean Garlic Press

Steaks, salads, stir-fries and vinaigrettes are great with a hint of garlic in them. Cooking your favorite dishes at home is relaxing and fun time for you especially if kids are around to lend a hand. When adding garlic into vegetables and dressings, make sure that you do not get big chunks of garlic as it can be offending. Use that garlic press. With the tiny particles that are stuck in between holes and teeth, clean it with water and use a safety pin to get out the gunk.

Shut Curtains

In the bedroom, you want to lightproof your room so the sun’s rays will not get through and wake you up when you do not want to. There are tiny spaces in between your curtains where light passes through and lightens up the room in a small way. Keep them shut by using safety pins and avoid being disturbed in your sleep.

Keep Covers on the Couch

Couch covers keep the couch clean and add more beauty to your living room. But sometimes, they just do not seem to stay in place and may be irritating at times. Keep them to where they should be by fastening them down with a safety pin to the couch or bring the ends together and fasten.

Decorate a Cake

Cake decorating is a very fun and exciting hobby. It brings out your creativity, works out your patience and keeps you calm. When a cake is finally decorated with flowers, figures and other toppers, the last thing you need to do is the message on the cake. Make sure to do it right the first time because there is no way you can redo it. Make traces of the wordings on the cake with a safety pin and cover with the final icing letters. Use new pins and reuse it for your cake decorating only.

Fix a Drawstring

Drawstring bags, shorts and other clothes allows for easier adjustments. Sometimes, tend to pull it harder than usual and off goes the string out of your shorts. Save yourself from embarrassment and try using a safety pin. To replace or change a drawstring, pass one end of the drawstring through the safety pin and tie it with a simple knot. Push the safety pin into the hole where the drawstring goes until you reach to the other end. Adjust and your shorts are now ready to be used again. Don’t forget to remove the safety pin and keep it for use next time.

Make a Keychain

Be creative, be original and invent something new (or maybe not). One of the practical uses for safety pins is that you can use large pins to organize your keys to avoid misplacing them or mix ups. Group the keys according to areas around the house. You can even place tags so you do not have a hard time finding and locating the right key to open your bedroom door. Genius, right?

Use In Place Of Clothes Pin

Laundry days are one of the not-so-favorite days of the week. Clothes need to be hung to dry and ready for the next use. With the mountain load of laundry you have, you suddenly run out of clothes pin. You need to prepare Johnny’s uniform today for their school activity tomorrow. You do not have to run to the department store to buy more clothes pin. Remember that bunch of safety pins in the drawer that you used to put up those curtains? Use them in place of your clothes pin and you save a trip to the store.

Survival Tool

The next time you go out into the woods to camp out, bring with you a bunch of safety pins which will surely come in handy. Use it to fasten ends of a blanket together to make an improvised sleeping bag and keep you warm throughout the night. You can use it to take out splinters, make a finger splint, mend clothes and gears, secure bandages, replace zipper puller, makeshift stitches, fishing hooks, make traps, clothes pin, make a sling, or as a hair clip. These and hundreds of other uses of the amazing safety pin in your next adventure must be included in your survival kit.

The safety pin maybe a very tiny piece of metal that is perfect for keeping things together. But with these other practical uses in your everyday activities, safety pins have certainly proven their worth and should be kept available in the house for those “emergency” situations.