Top 10 Safest Countries to Live In

If you are planning to live in a different country in order to enjoy your retirement plan or simply find a better place and environment for you and your family, then safety is your first priority. The first thing you should do before you plan to migrate in other places is to check how safe the country you are planning to move in. These top 10 safest countries to live in are the countries with a very low crime rate and natural calamities.


icelandThis country is known to have the lowest crime rate in the world. Sometimes, in a year, no crime is committed. Because of the country’s stable economy, many local residents are very happy and live a balanced life. Iceland is also safe from natural disasters like volcanic eruption or tornado. Although it has its share of typhoons, all countries have such a thing.


swedenThis country is known for its peacefulness despite how economically busy it is. What’s good about this country is that you rarely hear any terrorist threats, political wars and any internal issues in their government. Sweden ranks among the highest most visited countries and people who plan to reside in this place will enjoy many wonderful landmarks and great amusement centers that it has to offer to its guests and local residents.


finlandIf you enjoy the cold, snowy weather then this country is perfect for you. Finland’s snowy weather will last up to six months every year. This country has the lowest crime rates since the economy is so balanced. This country has one of the best amusement parks in the world and there are many museums dated back to the medieval years that tourist people can see and enjoy the view. If you are an outdoor type of person, you will also enjoy their lakes and other nature sightings.


australiaIf you are a laid back adventurous type of person who loves the outdoors as a hobby then this country is for you. Australia is one of the riches countries in the world and what’s good about this country is that the crime rate is very low. Australia has many great tourist spots both by nature and manmade. Local residents are very friendly and they can get along with people easily. The climate in this country is perfect for people who enjoy warm and cold weather.


austriaThis country is known to be the land of music and the people here are very friendly. It has a well balanced economy that makes their local residents very happy. This country has one of the best tourist spots in the world. And if you are fond of climbing mountains and hiking, then this country is good for you. You will experience some weather problems in this country but it is not of a great concern. Austria has also one of the best historical monuments that you can show to your visitors once you are planning to reside in this country.


norwayIf you do not want to go jobless as you move to a new country, then Norway is for you. This country has one of the most balanced economies of the world, and the unemployment rate is very low. That is why the crime rate of this country is also very low. Norway is more of a quite place, so if you want the city life this place is not for you. Although it has its share of the typical night life, the people who live in this place enjoy the fresh air more and the peacefulness it brings.


irelandIf you want a peaceful and quiet neighborhood where you can have a house with a very large land and live like a king then Ireland is the place for you. Some parts of Ireland still have the medieval scenery where a castle still stands and it is surrounded by acres of land. If you are a wealthy person who enjoys the silence much more than a buzzing horn of a vehicle, then you should move and stay in the quite places of Ireland. If you want to socialize with the local residents so that you can start a business of your own, then you can always live in the city. The people are very friendly and the crime rate is very low.


tuvaluTuvalu is a small country that is located between Australia and Hawaii. If you like to relocate yourself in a small town while enjoying the beach and a great tropical climate, then this place is for you this country has a rarely reported any crimes because the population is so low. Although if you are planning to have a business in this country it will be a bit of a challenge since the population is so low. However if you are innovative enough to create a business that would surely fit the needs of the people, then you can surely earn well while living here.


singapore-indoor-stadiumThis country is one of the most progressive countries in the world and there are many different kinds of races who are living in this country. Singapore is considered to be the safest countries to live in because this country’s government tolerance and disciplinary action towards crime is so fearful that no one would dare to break the law.  Security cameras are all over, which raised their security level and is also the main reason why the crime rate is very low. Living here would be very nice if you enjoy the city life since this country is more of an industrial country.

New Zealand

from the blog www.stuckincustoms.comThis country is awarded to be the safest country to live in 2012 and a possible candidate for 2013. The country has a very good government and a balanced economy where local residents are very happy. If you enjoy both the outdoors and the city life, then this place is the best for you since it has both features. What’s good about this country is that the crime rate is very low.