Top 10 Strip Club Spenders

wad-of-cash-medOnce in a while, men like going to a strip. The only question is “What should be the spending limit?”. Should it be $100? $200? Or even more? If you are a rich man, money simply don’t count, so you never look at how much you spend in a strip club. Many Hollywood celebrities end up spending thousands or hundreds of dollars in strip clubs.

Are you curious who are they? This is the top 10 of men who spend huge amounts of money at strip clubs:

10. Ludacris – $10,000

In June 2012, the famous rapper Ludacris spent $10.000 in a strip club called Diamonds, in Atlanta. It all happened in one night, when he was partying with his girlfriend, Eudoxie Agnan. They got crazy and asked for strippers and exotic dancers an entire night. Some friends of Ludacris revealed that the rapper prepared an entire backpack full of singles just for that night, when DJ Infamous, a friend of him, had his birthday.

9. Chris Brown – $15,000

Just like Ludacris, Chris Brown spent in the Diamonds club, in Atlanta, a lot of money. He usually spends around $15.000 in one night. Apparently, this is a very popular celebrity strip clubs. Most of the times, Chris Brown goes to the club with Bow Wow, one of his good friends. According to some sources, the singer paid three dancers with $5000, just before unloading $10.000 in singles, on the dance floor of the club. As you can see, it is easy to spend $10.000.

8. Rihanna & Drake – $17,000

When Rihanna was dating Drake, they met at Houston’s V Live gentlemen’s club. The two singers wanted to have a crazy night, so they didn’t look at money at all. They seemed to enjoy watching the sexy dancers in the club, and they paid the girls with $17.000. Some sources say that Drake paid around $12.000, while Rihanna contributed with $5.000.What a couple!

7. Fabolous – $28,000

When Fabolous was on the wave, back in 2012, he “made a rain” with $28.000 in singles. It happened of course in Atlanta, in a strip club. Rumors say it happened at the King of Diamonds, a club where Fabolous goes regularly, with a truckload of cash. A witness said that a local radio DJ started the party, but things went so crazy, that the money were stuck even in the chandelier.

6. Lil Wayne – $30,000

The King of Diamonds is the place where every celebrity goes if they want a crazy night and striptease. It was the case of Lil Wayne as well, who went to Atlanta for a wild night. According to gossips, Lil Wayne arrived at the club with a bag full of cash – $30.000 in singles. Just guess what happened with it! All the money ended up on naked ladies.

5. Akon – $50,000

Looks like Akon is “So Paid”, if we analyze how much he spends in strip clubs. In only one night, the singer/rapper managed to snap two major bricks of cash. The total? He spent $50.000 in one night, in a strip club, for exotic dancers and naked ladies.

4. Lil Wayne & Drake – $250,000

Both of them were in this top previously, but what they did together cannot be compared with the small parties presented above. The two guys managed to drop quarter million while they were partying in a strip club. It all happened in 2011, and Weezy F and Drizzy Drake seem to like strip clubs more than everybody else.

3. Floyd Mayweather – $500,000

The same club, the same city: Diamonds, Atlanta. This time, Floyd Mayweather decided to party with Ray J, another rapper. The guys managed to spend, in only one night, half million dollars, and they seemed to enjoy the girls’ dances and all the fun. Who cares about money, when you have all those naked ladies, just for you?

2. Rick Ross – $1 million

Everybody knows that Rick Ross really likes going to strip clubs. And where else, if not at King of Diamonds? In 2011, the rapper was seen there celebrating his birthday. And how else can you do it, if not by throwing one dollar bills all around the club? During an interview, he admitted that during that night, he and his friends simply broke the club.

1. Diddy – $2 million

Diddy is a real strip club spender. He broke any record and managed to spend 2 million dollars in one night, celebrating the Memorial Day during the weekend in a strip club in Miami. He tweeted it several times on his social network profile, until his fans showed their disapproval. He retracted his comment, but according to reports he dropped many single bills that nigh. The amount was never confirmed, but money are not a problem for Diddy!