Day: August 24, 2014

Top 10 Scary Movies for Kids

There are all types of movies: comedies, horrors, romance, westerns, and fantasies. But here are also movies for kids, which are supposed to be educative. We all expect movies for kids to be a mixture of fantasy, reality, and comedy, with a lesson in the end, that will teach something the kids. However, some producers […]

Top 10 Gay Cartoon Characters

It is true that cartoons are only fantasies or parodies, but most of the time they represent the life on Earth, just as it is. Sometimes, people imagine other worlds through cartoons, but they are all inspired from our lives. That is why, even if you didn’t know, there are some cartoon characters that are […]

Top 10 Strip Club Spenders

Once in a while, men like going to a strip. The only question is “What should be the spending limit?”. Should it be $100? $200? Or even more? If you are a rich man, money simply don’t count, so you never look at how much you spend in a strip club. Many Hollywood celebrities end […]