Why is Metro Toronto False-Advertising for Red Roses?

Mother’s Day is that time of year where Americans and Canadians thank our mothers for the awesome job in raising us. In Metro, they were selling two dozen roses, 2 for $25, versus the retail price of $17.99. On Friday afternoon, my wife and I were shopping at the Bathurst and Lawrence branch, and I decided to pleasantly surprise her with them while she was doing other shopping in the store.

When I reached the counter, the lady scanned both roses and charged my $40.95. I asked why so much, that it was on sale. Her supervisor explained to me that “red roses aren’t included.” I snapped a picture and explained that it doesn’t say that on the sign. She said that generally this is the case. Being that there was a massive line and I was wearing a Yarmulke I wasn’t in the mood to argue. I simply went back and chose the reddest roses that weren’t red, then paid.

Do you see any "no red roses" here?

Do you see any “no red roses” here?

Looking at the flyer, I saw that the red roses were indeed on sale. Metro in fact displayed red roses to prove a point, and didn’t mention anywhere that red roses weren’t included! Why did they false advertise?!?

As someone that has shelled out thousands of dollars at that place, I want compensation.