Best Buy, Rogers and the iPhone 5 on Boxing Day – Part 3 – The Bill


****UPDATE – January 28, 2013*** I just went to pay my bill online and saw that my required payment came out to EXACTLY $180 LESS than what it stated in the bill. I will assume now that the next months’ bill will reflect what the deduction is about!


I last updated everyone with my plight from Best Buy and Rogers on a supposed Boxing Day sale 2.5 weeks ago. I promised an update in the event of new developments.

Well, I just received my bill from Rogers, and it came out to be close to $700! Apparently the code had not been “punched in” yet as I saw no discount applied. Also:

  1. The 1000 long distance minutes on the bill says 200 minutes.
  2. The long distance minutes applies only for within Canada, and not worldwide. Being that my wife and I recently celebrated the birth of a new baby girl, I called people in Israel and the U.S. based on the incomplete information. I’m almost afraid to know how much more my cell phone bill will be next month!
  3. The $35 upgrade fee, which was supposed to be waived, wasn’t.
  4. The $91 early hardware upgrade fee wasn’t slashed to $45.50.


This is what I need to deal with now. I will need to contact Rogers based on points 1-4 and Best Buy on why the code wasn’t punched in yet. I will also need to see if Rogers can offer some form of payment plan, since I can’t see myself without cellphone service for long.