3 Break-ins in Toronto's Bathurst and Lawrence Neighbourhood

Today, upon waking up, my wife and I were greeted to tons of cop cars and forensic analysts. Apparently, one of two things happened: either someone was murdered or there was a burglary. However, I thought that there were too many cop cars for a burglary and too few for a murder scene. Besides, one would expect to see grieving relatives, of which there were none.

After asking someone, the answer was shocking: there was a heist. Three basement/1st floor apartments were broken into, all in one night! However, at least one of the faces was recognized as a good samaritan took a photo of one of the people in action. This was a week or two after someone on his bike warned me about people mugging others for their blackberries and iPhones.

On a nice Jewish neighborhood this has to happen! In New York it’s expected. In Toronto, where the city is prided to be clean and safe, it’s more dangerous as one doesn’t expect this to happen.


This was no burglary. In the news report apparently the three break-ins had to do with sexual offenders prowling the streets. They specifically targeted first floor apartments with young women in them. This was why forensic analysts were there, to identify and grab fingerprints. I guess in a neighborhood with people in their mid-20’s, this was like a picnic for this sex offender (the fingerprints were identified as coming from the same guy). Now we’re told to lock our doors and not let anyone in. And I thought Toronto was a safer city than New York. Oy!

It really is painful when it hits home in your own neighbourhood.

***UPDATE – July 3, 2011***

They “bagged the bum” last week, thanks to photographs and fingerprints taken. The guy wasn’t a professional thief, rather some pervert who broke in, feeling womens lingerie etc. and possibly planning something worse.